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Freeze Dried Turkey Feet

Freeze Dried Turkey Feet

PriceFrom $6.99

Turkey feet have a high amount of ligaments and connective tissues which is a great source of naturally occurring collagen and chondroitin. Our freeze dried turkey feet will have skin for extra flavor !

Transparently sourced from 100% pasture-raised turkey, these freeze dried chews are highly digestible and humanely raised in the middle Tennessee lush valleys by small family farmers

who are committed to raising animals in the best way possible. No added preservatives, antibiotics or hormones. No synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Not only is gnawing and chewing a great mental and physical exercise, but it cleans teeth and strengthens gums!

Daily chew for light to medium chewers and use as a nutritional snack for power chewers or can be used as a part of the meal.

Turkey is rich in bone marrow, full of iron, stem cells, and white blood cells.

Source of calcium, phosphorous and other important nutrients. Highly digestible and relatively low in fat. Neutral protein.

Some dogs with food allergies have better reactions to turkey if they are allergic to chicken!

After a chewing session, avoid sealing them in plastic or containers that can trap moisture. Allow the chew to air out and store in a cool/dry place.

For longer storage, the freezer can be a great way to keep our products fresh, and away from bugs and pest that might show interest.

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