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Reference Magnet

Reference Magnet


An easy-to-reference magnet to store all of your emergency information. It fits perfectly on the refrigerator so you'll never have to google or try to look up emergency phone numbers during an emergency.

This magnet is fully customizable by using an ultra-fine tip permanent marker. Include information such as Holistic Vet, Emergency Clinic, House Call Vet, Breeder, Poison Control, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Trainer/ Handler, Groomer, Dog Sitter, Animal Control plus a nice Birthday Reminder so you will never forget loved ones birthdays.

Additionally the magnet contains a simple diagram displaying the 8 laws of health as a wholistic paradigm where we practice prevention, allowing the dog to be healthy by following these laws of health and address challenges by looking at the pet as a whole.

The diagram displays also the Circadian Rhythm witch influence physical and behavioral aspects of your pet, from sleep/wake cycles to hormone levels. In earlier times, these rhythms likely helped dogs and cats eat, sleep and exercise at optimal times for catching prey.

Sitters/Friends/ Grandparents can easily reference this information during an emergency.

The magnet measures 5.47" x 4.21" .

Perfect gift for pet parents, pet party gifts and new furry parents.

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