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 Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store

Our story is one of resilience, love, and a little poodle named Momoci, whose indomitable spirit sparked a revolution in pet care. From the very beginning, Momoci faced tremendous challenges. Born with nonfunctional back legs, she struggled to walk, and despite undergoing numerous surgeries, her mobility remained limited. Yet, with unwavering determination, she found her own way to move, inspiring us with her grace and tenacity.

When Momoci turned two years old, she faced another daunting challenge: seizures. Traditional veterinary treatments, laden with medications, couldn't stop them and instead caused liver damage. The prognosis was grim—she might not have much time left. But surrendering to despair was never an option. Driven by love and a fierce determination to give her a better life, I plunged into the world of natural and holistic pet care.

I delved into extensive research on species-appropriate diets, natural supplements, and non-toxic treatments. I realized that her diet was failing her, so I dedicated myself to mastering the art of balanced raw DIY meals. Through relentless trial and error over two years, Momoci's condition improved dramatically. She thrived on a diet of raw food and herbs, living an additional ten vibrant years without any western medications.

Momoci’s incredible journey transformed my understanding of pet care. Her resilience and spirit became the cornerstone of our mission: to provide dog owners with wholesome, natural options that truly support their pets’ health and well-being.

At Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store, we are committed to meticulous, natural care for carnivores. We believe in the power of species-appropriate diets and refuse to compromise on quality. Our meats are carefully sourced, and every product is handmade with meticulous attention to detail. We proudly offer non-toxic flea and tick control solutions, such as Shungite collars, promoting the well-being of pets without harmful chemicals. Our freeze-dried products, crafted without preservatives or colorings, are freeze-dried in small batches to preserve 98% of their nutritional value, making them ideal for raw feeding while traveling.

Our mission is to provide dog owners with wholesome alternatives to mass-produced treats, avoiding harmful additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We are dedicated to holistic health and strive to empower pet owners to nurture thriving companions through thoughtful nutrition and natural care.

Incorporating Natural Rearing principles, we raise our poodles with a focus on Species-Appropriate Diets and a toxin-free environment, both indoors and outdoors. Our approach includes ample Exercise and Mental Stimulation, Harmony, Rest, clean, fluoride-free water, Sunlight, and Fresh Air. We believe that an animal’s body is a perfect ecosystem, capable of healing itself when given the right conditions.

As my understanding deepened, I successfully transitioned all my poodles to a healthier lifestyle. However, the challenge of not always having access to a freezer while competing at dog shows led me to discover the benefits of freeze-dried food. Understanding the potential harm caused by High Pressure Processing (HPP) inspired me to find a better way to lock in nutrients without compromising quality. This passion led me to freeze-dry on a small batch scale, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to non-toxic practices. By supporting local farmers and sourcing the best ingredients, I provide a nutritious diet for my dogs while on the go.

Our homestead provides products like chicken, quail, and duck eggs, sourced directly from our pasture-raised birds. These birds thrive on a natural diet from our 12-acre property, free from pesticides and insecticides, supplemented with organic, soy-free feed, and spent cannabidiol plants. Our birds are hormone and antibiotic-free, and we never 'wash' their eggshells. You won’t find happier birds, laying healthier eggs!

After moving from Maryland to Tennessee, I adapted quickly to find local farms that eschew pesticides, ensuring the cleanest meats possible. Establishing connections with dedicated farmers who prioritize animal welfare and practice regenerative agriculture allows me to offer the highest quality nature has to offer. Our Tennessee-raised cattle are free from added hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and they are 100% grass-fed and finished in Tennessee, USA.

Friends began seeking my help in transitioning their dogs to healthier diets, inspiring me to start my homestead business with a focus on quality and holistic care. Thus, Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store was born, a testament to Momoci's legacy and our commitment to empowering pet owners with natural, wholesome options.

Momoci’s legacy is profound.


Her story continues to inspire us, reminding us of the incredible resilience and spirit that animals possess. It’s a testament to the transformative power of holistic care and the deep bond we share with our pets. Every product we create, every decision we make, is driven by the love and determination that Momoci embodied every day.


Join us in our journey to provide the best natural care for our beloved pets, honoring the remarkable spirit of Momoci.

Ode to Momoci, the Brave Toy Poodle

In a world of boundless love and care,

A tiny poodle, brave and rare,

With deformed legs, she learned to move,

A graceful dance, a gentle groove.

Momoci, a name that sings,

Of courage, hope, and tender wings,

Faced life's trials with heart so bright,

In her eyes, a spark of light.

At two, the storms of seizures came,

Medications wrought more pain,

Yet in despair, hope took its flight,

Holistic paths, a guiding light.

Through herbs and meals raw and pure,

A diet crafted to endure,

Her health rebounded, strong and keen,

A testament to what love means.

Ten more years, she lived with zest,

A happy heart, a life so blessed,

No western meds to dim her day,

Nature's gifts showed the way.

Her journey carved a path so true,

For Danube Adornments and what we do,

With freeze-dried meals and natural care,

A mission born from love so rare.

Momoci’s spirit leads us still,

In every product, in every thrill,

Her legacy, a beacon bright,

Guiding pets to health's true light.

So here's to you, sweet Momoci,

Your tale of love and victory,

Inspire us to give our best,

To every pet, a life so blessed.


Empowering Pet Guardians to Choose Better
Preventive Health Measures with
Shungite Collars,
Healthy Freeze-Dried Treats
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Optimal Health and Wellbeing

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