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Q: How do I measure my pet for a collar?

A: ALWAYS measure your dog standing. DO NOT measure your dogs existing collar laying flat on a ruler. Use fabric/seamstress tape to measure their neck. No seamstress tape? Use string around neck, mark where string intersects with sharpie, then measure string on ruler.


Shungite Collars should be worn 24/7 & fit comfortably around your pets neck.



Measure around your pets neck where you would like the collar to sit. Slide 1 finger (for small dog/cat) or 2-3 fingers (for med-lrg dog) between collar (measure tape) & your pets body. You want it snug against your fingers! Not loose. Not squeezing too tight.



FIRST measure around your pets neck (snug) at the location you would like the collar to sit. This is the minimum measurement you need for a sliding knot collar.

SECOND measure around your pets head, from the crown of their skull (just in front of ears) to down under jaw. This is the minimum measurement you need to slide the collar over their head. 

Q: Can I use other tick prevention in addition to the Shungite collar?

A: Yes. With exceptions. We do not recommend using other natural stone species that interfere with magnetic frequencies. We also do not recommend using amber collars as they deter ticks by creating static friction — the exact opposite function of shungite, which decreases magnetic frequency. IF YOU ARE USING TOPICAL SPRAYS: Please remove shungite collar, spray pet & allow spray to dry on their coat before placing collar back on. Keep your shungite ‘third party’ OIL-FREE!

Q:Can my pet wear shungite while wearing an Electric/E-collar?

A: It should not harm them. But e-collars receive transmission by radio (electronic) frequency. We can not say if the e-collar will decrease shungite’s efficiency or if the shungite will decrease your e-collars frequency range.

Q: Can my puppy, kitten, senior or special needs pet wear a shungite collar?

A: There are no age or healh limitations.


Q: What bugs have you found shungite to prevent?

A: ticks, fleas, mosquitos.

Q: Does the shungite really need worn 24/7 to be effective?

A: Pretty much. The body’s energy ‘charges’ the stone. We do not recommend removing more than a couple hours per day. Only when necessary or not at all. It’s best to wear as much as possible.


Q: Can shungite get wet?

A: You should remove during bathing. But it can be worn swimming in lakes, ocean or (non-chemical) pools.


Q: I noticed black residue or stains on my pets white fur or my skin/white clothing. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Grade II “Petrovsky” shungite’s natural mineral property is 50-70% carbon. These ‘stains’ are less common with polished shungite, like what we use for collars & bracelets — but it is still possible. Stains are not permanent! Consider it powder residue, that can be washed off!

Q: Does shungite need washed? And how do I wash it?

A: For shungite worn & only if you see black residue... you can wash under warm running water, and brush gently using a soft bristle tooth brush. Let air dry (in sun if possible) before putting your shungite back on.


Q: How do we charge elite shungite stones for drinking water or pyramids/spheres around the home?

A: Non-worn shungite can be washed monthly as describe above if desired, but must be laid out in the sun to charge at least 1 hour per month. You can not leave it in sun too long, so all day is fine too.


Q: How quickly does shungite start working to repel bugs?

A: Some may notice immediate benefits, but for others it can take days or weeks. The more it’s worn, the more effective it is.

Q: Does shungite work the same for humans as animals?

A: Yes.

Q: My shungite has silver lines & scratches. Are these cracks? Did I get a bad stone?

A: No, your shungite is fine. Shungite is a natural stone with high carbon composition. The higher carbon %, the more silver shine you will see! This is expected with normal with use.


Q: How fragile is shungite? Will my pet break it easily?

A: We have only seen shungite chip when it bangs or clings against other stronger material objects, such as metal/dog tags or leash buckles. We chose the donut style pendants & the dual cord collar design to help prevent this from happening. It is much more common with hanging shungite pendants to chip or break. If your pet is wearing many tags or chainlink secondary collar, expect chipping. (A chipped shungite pendant does not need replaced.)


Q: I noticed my pet seems much calmer wearing shungite. Is this normal?

A: Absolutely! Every pet & human is exposed to different levels of EMF’s, and they effect each of us differently. Many humans have reported less heart palpitations, aches & pains wearing shungite or when having it around their home! We’ve even heard dog owners say that their normally fearful pup gains confidence over night!

Q: I notice my pet feels very warm or acting agitated since putting the shungite on them. Is this normal?

A: It’s rare, but not unheard of. We have primarily heard this from owners whose dogs also wear e-collars or severe allergy dogs. Coincidence? Should you notice your pet feeling very warm or acting uneasy shortly after putting a shungite collar on them, chances are the shungite stone is warm too! (Remember, shungite detoxes!) We recommend removing the collar, charging/cleansing in sun, and reintroducing your pet to wearing each day a little longer than the day before. If they are not warm or acting fine, continue to leave it on until you see otherwise. Be sure to charge & cleanse the stone in the sun after removing from your pet or before putting it back on them, each day. For severe allergy dogs, this appears to resolve by day 3.

Q: Does the Shungite collar have a smell?

A: No

Q: Does shungite prevent infection or fight disease transmitted by fleas, ticks & mosquitos?

A: No. Shungite repels blood sucking bugs. Shungite helps detox the body. If you or your pet are sick (whether you know it or not) — you will always get bit more! Ticks especially, have an innate ability to attack the weak immune systems.


Q: How does shungite deter blood sucking bugs?

A: We aren’t exactly sure how it works. It was a friend who discovered it by accident a few years ago, when she was using shungite on her cancer dog’s collar for it’s EMF/detox capabilities. (You can read her review on our website.) We believe the same capabilities shungite provides & protects us from invisible areas of energy, electric magnetic fields, and radiation... make our bodies & our pets bodies, less desirable.


Q: Have other people said it didn’t work for their pets?

A: Few people have reported they found ticks crawling on the top of their pets fur, but out of nearly 100 friends using shungite (with proper wear/use) before the website went live... we have had no reports of fleas, mosquitos, or attached/feeding ticks.


Q: Will shungite get rid of a flea infestation?

A: No.


Q: I want to learn more about shungite. Do you have a recommendation?

A: Yes! A book available on amazon. “Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification” BY Regina Martino. Which can be found here: Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification: Martino, Regina: 9781620552605: AmazonSmile: Books

Q: Does shungite expire or need replaced?

A: No. As long as it’s not broken, it’s good for a lifetime!

Q: Can I attach shungite collars to leash or lead?

A: NO! Danube Adornments is not resposible for any injury or loss, caused directly or indirectly, by the use or misuse of our products.




















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