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Breakaway Shungite Collar

Breakaway Shungite Collar


For collars over 20 inch, please email


Consider adding a Copper Add- On ID Tag.

  •  Use a fabric/seamstress measure tape.

    First: Measure around your pets neck, (snug) at the location you would like the collar to sit. This is the minimum measurement you need for a sliding knot collar.

    Second: Measure around your pets head, from the crown of their skull (just in front of ears) to down under jaw. This is the minimum measurement you need to slide the collar over their head. Example: Baxter’s neck measurement is 17in & head measurement is 19in. Baxter needs a size Large.

    ALWAYS measure your dog standing. DO NOT measure your dogs existing collar laying flat on a ruler. No seamstress tape? Use string around neck, mark where string intersects with sharpie, then measure string on ruler.

    Shungite Collars should be worn 24/7 & fit comfortably around your pets neck. Our Shungite Collars are NOT to be attached to a leash!

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