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Freeze Dried Eggs

Freeze Dried Eggs

PriceFrom $7.60

Each pack contains 6 freeze dried eggs. Yolk + White (NO shell) or option 6 & 24 WHOLE Quail. Our eggs come from our personal pasture-raised birds. Their diet consists of whatever they forage from our 12 acres, fruits, supplemental organic & soy free feed (18-24% protein), plus spent cannabidiol plants. You won’t find happier birds, laying healthier eggs! We keep our fowl hormone & antibiotic free, and never ‘wash’ their egg shells!


Did you know pasture-raised eggs contain 2x omega3’s, 3x vitamin D, 4x vitamin E & 7x beta-carotene, than eggs from ‘cage-free’ hens raised on traditional feed? Plus freeze drying retains 98% of raw nutrients!


Freeze dried eggs are great for travel. (Rehydrate by adding warm water.) They also make a great meal topper, especially for picky eaters — just crumble or sprinkle! This nutrient packed ‘super food’ should be part of every carnivore’s diet.


All freeze dried products are processed without chemicals or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry, dark location. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. PET FOOD ONLY.

  • Whole quail egg shells can become very brittle & crack easily once they are freeze-dried.

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