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Hairy Hide Chew

Hairy Hide Chew

PriceFrom $6.99

Hairy Chew Freeze Dried - Natural Beef Hide With Fur.



Our chews come in four sizes to meet the needs of every dog. Long lasting chews

are 1 ingredient and all-natural, containing absolutely NO additives or preservatives.


Fur is a natural dewormer. As it passes through the digestive system it picks up any worms/ eggs and undigested food, improving digestion. It is also a great teeth cleaning tool and help strengthen the gums.


A great mental and physical exercise, and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Also an excellent source of good fiber for your pet and their gut microbes. Fur is also high in manganese which supports joint health, providing nutrients for bone and cartilage development.


Our cattle have no added hormones, no sub-therapeutic antibiotics and are 100% grass fed and finished in TN, USA.


Please store in a cool, dry place, in between chew sessions, in breathable container (no ziplock to avoid mold growth).


Rolls are handmade and may appear smaller or larger depending on fur length and density.

Our rolls come in varying colors. The photos are examples of past colors.



Feed at your own risk - Know your pet! Are they a gulper or gentle chewer?

Will they let you take from them if needed?

Assess the product size compared to dog/ throat size before feeding.

Please always supervise your pet with any treats/ chews, even safe treats and chews can be a choking hazard if your dog doesn't swallow properly.

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