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How do you know if your pet is getting EMF*D?

5G - Your Pet's Health Impacted…Article Courtesy Authentica

How do you know if your pet is getting EMF*D?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, have been around longer than human beings. EMFs vary in frequency, number of waves passing through a fixed point per second, measured in Hertz.

The frequency's location on the EMF spectrum, nonionizing versus ionizing and low to high, distinguishes various natural and man-made EMFs. Natural EMF sources, for example, sunlight and lightning, differ in frequency than man-made sources, for example, electrical wiring and cell phones.

Ionizing radiation contains higher frequencies, resulting in atom structure destruction by knocking off one or more electrons, transforming previously neutral atoms into positively charged ions. The ions produce free radicals, damaging the body's cells. For example, x-rays are ionizing radiation and damage DNA.

Nonionizing radiation, previously regarded safe, doesn't contain enough energy for creating ions. Research now shows nonionizing isn't safe after all and causes biological damage by a different mechanism than ionizing. In fact, one study showed low intensity radio frequency EMF at 1.8 GHz produced more DNA breaks than 1,600 chest x-rays (as cited in Mercola, 2020).

Fifth generation (5G), considered nonionizing radiation, uses radio frequency (RF). It's the latest wireless technology and strongest frequency used by telecommunication companies yet, jumping radio frequencies from 6 GHz or less to 24-60 GHz or more. 5G uses millimeter waves (MMWs), providing a larger bandwidth, meaning carrying more data at faster speeds and shorter wait times.

MMWs, easily destructed by physical structures (buildings and walls), requires more antennas and closer placement than older technologies. Rather than replacing 3G and 4G, 5G exists in addition to them, surrounding your pet by more, and stronger, manmade radio waves than ever. In addition, low-orbit satellites have been launched, blanketing the entire Earth in a MMW radiation field.

Common 5G Radiation Sources in Your Home​:

​✔️Cell phones



✔️Wi-fi Routers

✔️Smart electric, gas, and water meters

✔️Cordless baby monitors

✔️Smart alarm systems ("smart" anything)

✔️Amazon's Alexa

✔️Google Home

​How 5G Nonionizing Radiation Damages Your Pet​

​5G, Electrolyte Balance and Oxidative Stress

Low intensity, nonionizing EMF exposure opens voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). The extra calcium rushing into cells from 5G exposure causes the releasing of stored nitric oxide, increasing nitric oxide levels inside your pet's cells.

Nitric oxide inside the cell combines with superoxide, the other free radical increasing from excess cellular calcium, and forms peroxynitrite. Over time, peroxynitrate causes substantial oxidative damage and disrupts important cell signaling pathways, damaging your pet'smitochondria. Oxidative stress causes accelerated aging.

5G, Brain and Heart Health.

Your pet's brain, heart and reproductive organs are impacted the most when exposed to EMFs because their tissues have the highest VGCC concentrations and rely on calcium more than other organs, in regulating function. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the National Institutes of Health found, "clear evidence of carcinogenic activity in the schwannoma cells of the heart and some evidence of an association with malignant gliomas in the brain". University of Washington scientists found DNA breaks in laboratory animals' brain cells resulting from radiation exposure (Lai, et al 1995, as cited in BabySafe project).

5G and Oxygen

Oxygen molecules oscillate at 60 GHz. At 60 GHz, 98% of transmitted 5G energy will be absorbed by atmospheric oxygen, altering oxygen molecules' shared electrons orbital properties, and disrupting their attachment to hemoglobin and myoglobin (oxygen carrying molecules). The disruption interferes with the cell's powerhouse (mitochondria) from receiving optimal oxygen. Without oxygen, the liver becomes congested and the body and brain, begin breaking down due to slow suffocation from lack of proper oxygen.

5G, The Endocrine and Nervous Systems

5G affects hormone levels and neurotransmitters, disrupting the entire endocrine system. Your pet relies on their endocrine system for overall health, from skin and coat to mood regulation. 5G radiation exposure puts your pet into the sympathetic nervous system state, a stress response ("fight or flight"). Whilst in a sympathetic state, systemic inflammation thrives and healing cannot occur. Radiation damage is accumulative; the longer exposure persists and the longer your pet resides in the sympathetic state, the greater your pet's biological damage.

Radiation Poisoning Symptoms​

​5G can present the following symptoms in your pet:


🔸Leaky Gut

🔸SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth)



🔸Noise phobias


🔸Confusion and/or memory loss

🔸Cardiac arrhythmia

🔸Skin itch/rash/burning and/or tingling

🔸Fatigue and muscle weakness


🔸Ear pain




🔸Low iron levels

🔸Low potassium levels

🔸Decreased immunity

Is Your Pet at Risk From Radiation Poisoning?​

​Pets without EMF sensitivity remain vulnerable to damage. Pets prone to EMF sensitivity, and at higher risk for EMF's negative effects, include growing puppies and geriatric dogs, and those with the following:

🔹Impaired immune function

🔹Lupus - tissue toxicity

🔹Bacteria or parasitic infections

🔹Cancer (brain cancer has the most conclusive association with EMF exposure)

🔹Heart disease


🔹Chronic anxiety

However, all pets are susceptible as the effects are accumulative. Due to a lack of knowledge by both the veterinary industry and the public about radiation poisoning and its impact on health, oftentimes current illnesses in pets are misdiagnosed when the root cause is EMF sensitivity/exposure.

Protecting Your Pet From 5G Poisoning​

Increase Daily Exercise and Outside Time

Getting your pet's four paws on the Earth's ground, whether grass, sand or dirt, for at least 30 minutes daily, normalizes EMFs within their body, reconnecting them with the Earth's healing voltage. Chronic RF exposure from cell phones, computers, TV and WiFi routers depletes your pet's cellular energy.

Contact with the Earth neutralizes positively charged free radicals, decreasing oxidation and inflammation. 5G forces the body into a constant sympathetic (stress) nervous system state, while outside ground contact calms the nervous system, helping your pet enter the parasympathetic (relaxed) state.

Consider Shungite Collars

Shungite is a carbon-rich stone that’s believed to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and EMF exposure.

Also it can purify water and relieve emotional stress.

Will work best if warn 24/7 touching the body.

Consider Molecular Hydrogen

Calcium flooding cells from 5G exposure disrupts the delicate potassium-calcium balance, triggering excessive NOX activation, continuously signaling cellular defenses against infections (even while infections aren't present). Molecular hydrogen inhibits NOX activation. It diffuses into cells, protecting the structure and lowering NOX levels when they're excessively activated.

Several animal studies show molecular hydrogen's effectivity in increasing resilience and mitigating inflammation and effects of acute and chronic stress created by 5G exposure (as cited in Mercola, 2020). Molecular hydrogen sources include hydrogen tablets and hydrogen water bowls (antioxidant pet water bowls).

Increase NAD+

Increasing nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a critical cellular coenzyme, helps the body repair 5G EMF exposure damage by fueling poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARP) enzymes. PARP's roles include cell transcription, replication and DNA repair.

NAD+ levels decline with age. The older your dog is, the more aggressive your therapy for increasing NAD+ should be. Feeding at least 25mg niacin daily helps your pet produce adequate NAD+. Niacin sources include nuts, seeds, legumes, red meats (beef, beef liver, pork) and poultry.

Optimize NAD+ production through exercise, doing a run walk pattern with your dog, or, have them play, rest, repeat.

Implement time restricted eating, and serve your pet's last meal by 6pm or earlier. Refrain feeding three meals a day (unless health requires it), and stick with a strict fasting window between breakfast and dinner. Fasting increases your pet's NAD+ levels and supports optimal liver processing, lowering inflammation and circulating toxins, minimizing radiation's negative effects.

Molecular hydrogen supplementation (discussed above) increases your pet's NAD+.

Activate Nrf2

Nrf2, an important biological pathway, regulates responses to oxidative damage from free radicals, inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction, protecting pets from damaging EMF effects.

Activate Nrf2 in your pet by adding the following to their diet:

Vitamin D, found in eggs and mushrooms

Broccoli sprouts (sulforaphane is Nrf2-boosting)

Rutin from apples, decaf green tea and buckwheat

Quercetin from capers, berries, broccoli and apples

Fisetin found in strawberries, green tea, chamomile and apples

Herbs and Supplements for 5G EMF Protection​

Remedies Away From Meals: Give suggested herb dosages below twice daily either 30 minutes before or two hours after eating

Maritime Pine Bark Phytoembryonic Therapy (Pinus pinaster)

Phytoembryonic therapy, or plant stem cell therapy, works on a cellular level. Maritime Pine Bark contains a substantial amount of antioxidants, combatting oxidative stress and inflammation.

Suggested Dosages:

Extra-Small Dogs: 1 drop

Small Dogs: 3 dropsMedium Dogs: 4 drops

Large Dogs: 6 dropsExtra-Large Dogs: 8 drops

Rosemary Tincture (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary stimulates cerebral circulation, providing brain health, helping prevent dementia, and balances the nervous system, calming anxiety when under EMF stress. It's a major anti-radiation herb, protecting your pet's cells and mitochondria from radiation exposure.

Note: Avoid in pets who have any seizure history.

Suggested Dosages:

Extra-Small Dogs: 1 dropSmall Dogs: 2 drops

Medium Dogs: 3 dropsLarge Dogs: 5 dropsExtra-Large Dogs: 6 drops

Maidenhair Tree Phytoembryonic Therapy (Ginkgo biloba)

Ginkgo plant stem cell therapy oxygenates the brain, helping prevent radiation related dementia and optimizing brain function, enhancing concentration and balancing mood. 5G radiation accelerates aging and Ginkgo fights early onset aging.

Note: Ginkgo thins the blood. Avoid using in conjunction with anti-coagulation medications.

Suggested Dosages: Extra-Small Dogs: 1 dropSmall Dogs: 2 dropsMedium Dogs: 3 dropsLarge Dogs: 5 dropsExtra-Large Dogs: 6 drops

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Tincture

Noni strengthens the body against EMF by protecting the heart, DNA, cellular membranes and lymphatic system.

Suggested Dosages:

Extra-Small Dogs: 1 drop

Small Dogs: 3 drops

Medium Dogs: 5 drops

Large Dogs: 7 drops

Extra-Large Dogs: 9 drops

Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) Tincture

5G can cause leaky gut, increasing blood brain barrier permeability, increasing stroke risks.

Burdock root, a leaky gut remedy, helps heal the gastrointestinal tract's mucosal layer and stimulates digestive enzymes, assisting in proper food breakdown.

RF radiation (5G) interferes with the function of friendly microbes in your pet's gut and Burdock, a prebiotic, supports a healthy gut microbiome.

Note: Burdock root tincture contains alkaloids; give no more than eight weeks at a time.

Suggested Dosages:

Extra-Small Dogs: 1 drop 2x daily

Small Dogs: 2 drops 2x daily

Medium Dogs: 4 drops 2x daily

Large Dogs: 6 drops 2x daily

Extra-Large Dogs: 8 drops 2x daily

Remedies Added Into Meals:

Serve the suggested dosages below twice daily mixed into food.


Phytoplankton contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) an antioxidant enzyme. SOD scavenges free radicals (toxins), lowering oxidative stress and inflammation. Phytoplankton contains chlorophyll, combating radiation and EMF effects.

Phytoplankton provides naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and iron, preventing nutrient deficiencies worsened from radiation exposure.

Feed 1/8 tsp per 20 lbs/9kg in food.

Goji Berries

5G radiation depletes melatonin levels and goji berries provide naturally occurring melatonin.

Melatonin, a sleep regulator, destroys free radicals. It plays a role in calming and soothing pets and a deficiency could cause anxiety, hyperactivity and noise phobias.

Suggested Dosages: Extra-Small Dogs: 1/4 tsp

Small Dogs: 1/2 tsp

Medium Dogs: 3/4 tsp

Large Dogs: 1 tsp

Extra-Large Dogs: 2 tsp

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Powder

Turmeric, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, protects cells against 5G's damaging effects by minimizing oxidization and free radicals.

Suggested Dosages: 50 mg per 10lbs/4.5kg of body weight

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

NAC is a precursor to Glutathione, a master antioxidant responsible for numerous body functions. Without NAC, glutathione cannot be generated in your pet's body. Glutathione protects against free radical damage and heavy metal build-up.

Heavy metals are EMF conductors. The body generates NAC from consuming fresh whole foods rich in L-cysteine, for example, chicken, turkey, eggs, broccoli sprouts and sprouted sunflower seeds.

High Potassium Foods

EMFs deplete potassium. The following foods contain adequate potassium and help cells' electrolyte balance.

▪️Bok choy



▪️White beans


▪️Brussel sprouts


▪️Apricots (if dried, opt for unsulphured)



Other Actionable Steps for Minimizing RF

Radiation ​

​Turn off bluetooth on all your electronic devices. Many devices default to bluetooth staying on; navigate the settings on your devices, toggling bluetooth off.

Shut off your wifi router when not in use and especially if your pet lays nearby. Utilize a plug-in timer if you forget. When using your router, use a router cage or cover in minimizing projected radiation. Have your pet reside in another room during the time your router is on, or as far away possible.

Live outside of a city, away from towers, if possible. If you're in an apartment or city, consider radio frequency (RF) blocking curtains and/or radiation blocking paint for your walls.

Avoid using your cell phone when with your pet in cars, trains, planes and elevators. Cell phone increase radiation output inside vehicles and small enclosed areas.

Make sure electronic devices remain at least six feet away from your pet.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!

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