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Pawsome Pets, Pawsitive Results!

Lush Hills


Freeze Dried Goat Milk Kefir

Danube Pawlicious Pantry is thrilled to introduce our latest addition: Goat Milk Kefir!

This powerhouse of nutrition is designed to help your pets thrive with natural probiotics and
essential nutrients.

• Supports Digestion & Immunity: Packed with vitamins and minerals.
• Pure & Natural: No additives or preservatives, sourced from responsibly raised goats.
• Optimal Health: Helps your pets not just adapt but truly thrive.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, enjoy our Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer with coupon code PawsKefir. Give your pets the natural, nutritious boost they deserve! 


Go ahead, spoil them a little !


Pure Passion: Species- Appropriate Treats, Natural Protective Collars and More!

Welcome to our pack of dedicated dog enthusiasts, where we're more than just a store-we're your partners in promoting holistic pet care.

Consider us your classroom for learning about species-appropriate nutrition, your support team for non-toxic flea and tick solutions like Shungite collars, and your guide to becoming a well-informed dog guardian.


Together, we're shaping the future of canine health and well-being.

Join us at Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store and experience the difference in thoughtful, natural pet care.

At Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store, we are dedicated to providing meticulous care for carnivores through a natural approach.


We prioritize species-appropriate diets and uphold uncompromising quality in sourcing our meats and handcrafting every product with attention to detail.

Our offerings include non-toxic flea and tick control solutions such as Shungite collars, promoting pet

well-being without harmful chemicals.

Our freeze-dried products are crafted without preservatives, ideal for maintaining

nutrition during travel.


Our mission is to offer dog owners wholesome alternatives to mass-produced treats, free from

artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

With a steadfast commitment to natural health, we empower pet owners to nurture thriving companions through thoughtful nutrition and natural care.


Join our community at Danube Adornments and treat your dog to handmade, additive-free delights that celebrate your unique bond.


At Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry, we believe small businesses can drive big change.

Our handcrafted, all-natural dog chews and treats, made with meticulous care, reflect our unwavering

commitment to quality and sustainability.

By choosing us, you support:

• Handcrafted Love: Superior quality from small batch production.

• Local Farmers: Ethical sourcing from pesticide-free, regenerative farms.

• Animal Welfare: Humane treatment and ethical standards.

• Sustainable Products: Shungite collars, water filters, stainless steel containers, and silicone bags for a healthier lifestyle.


Choosing alternatives means settling for mass-produced products, often filled with additives and sourced unethically, contributing to unsustainable practices and neglecting animal welfare.


Join us in promoting a healthier, more sustainable world. Your choice matters – for your pet, for our community, and for the planet.


Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry – Handcrafted Quality, Heartfelt Commitment.


Discover what's available at our store :


Boghi, VIP

As a dog owner deeply committed to providing my furry friend with the best possible care, discovering the Hairy Hide Chews from Danube Adornments & Pawlicious Pantry Store has been a game-changer. These chews are a testament to natural, wholesome nutrition without compromise.


Vinnie, VIP

Overall, I highly recommend the Shungite Collar to any pet owner, especially those with senior cats or pets sensitive to conventional flea and tick treatments. It's a natural, effective, and thoughtful solution that has made a positive difference in my dog's quality of life.


Coco, VIP

The Shungite collar from Danube Adornments Store is fantastic! It's stylish, comfortable and has kept my dog free from fleas, ticks and EMF exposure without any chemicals. Highly recommend for a natural, effective solution!

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