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Freeze Dried Heart

Freeze Dried Heart

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Heart muscle meat is nutrient-dense in amino acids and just about every B vitamin. It is an optimal ingredient choice to ensure water-soluble vitamins are being met daily.


Heart is PACKED full of vitamins and minerals:

• Iron (boosts red blood cells, oxygen utilization, and energy)

• B-Complex Vitamins (B6 and B12: cardio-protective effects)

• Zinc (strengthens the immune system, thyroid function, and healthy skin and coat)

• Taurine (protects against heart disease)

• And so much more (an excellent source of vitamin A and copper)


Danube Freeze Fried Hearts come in a 4oz pack, 100% all-natural heart nuggets, NOT processed through high pasteurization (HPP), nutrient-dense single ingredient dog treats made without any preservatives, fillers, by-products or artificial flavors! Our freeze dried hearts for cats and dogs are sourced from free-range farm animals raised on Tennessee family farms. These human-grade tasty treats provide essential nutrition and taste of real meat that dogs and cats instinctively crave!


Even the pickiest of eaters go crazy for our preservative free dog treats. As one of the best natural sources of taurine, our raw treats for dogs and cats provide protein for pets, promote healthy growth and development, enhance the immune system and support cats and dogs heart health.


Keep in a cool/dry place. Our bagged products do great in the bag they come in. Just keep them away from wet environments and the bag closed when you aren't using them.

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