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Turkey Head

Turkey Head


Introducing Turkey Head chews: the perfect snack for your pup that packs a crunch!


Yes! Your pup can eat the whole head, beak and all!

This is not only a tasty treat but packed with nutrients lacking in many dogs' diets.


Not only are these chews an excellent source of selenium, iron, and B vitamins, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, manganese essential for a dog's bone and muscle health, plus vitamins and fats from the brain, eyes, and tongue, but they're sure to excite your pup and offer great mental stimulation.


Once you get past the appearance, this is a really great dog snack that pups absolutely LOVE !


Tougher and longer lasting treat compared to chicken and duck heads!

All of our turkey heads are locally sourced from 100% pasture-raised duck, no antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, pesticides. Zero Waste - using more of each animal.


Heads make the perfect treat as they only have a single ingredient and numerous health benefits! Turkey heads are nature's toothbrush and can improve overall dental health.


Sold individually, each head size is around 3.5- 4.5"


Get wild and wacky with a Turkey Head today!


Storage: Avoid trapping moisture with the product (which can result in mold growth). Store your treats in a breathable container. 

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