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Danube Silver

Danube Silver

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Colloidal Silver can help with a variety of different ailments, and it will give you a new view on health. It has been used for thousands of years to stimulate good health and a variety of benefits such as:


• Anti- inflammatory properties

• Reverse ear infection

• Assist in fighting the common cold

• Ease a sore throat and bring back your voice

• Cleaning vegetables

• Help with urinary tract infections

• Boost your immune system

• Fight against food poisoning

• Keep your teeth happy

• Help heal skin irritations



What's the difference between ionic & nano silver?


Ionic Silver is clear like water. Oxidized silver ions suspended in pure distilled water = silver hydroxide aka ionic silver. This is 95% of commercially available silvers! Ionic silver is unstable & uncapped.

Nano Silver aka "True" Colloidal Silver, is yellow or amber. Silver ions reduced or joined together = nano particle silver. Nano silver is stable, but most commonly uncapped when commercially available.


What's the difference between uncapped & capped?


Capped or Encapsulated silver nano particles are coated with either gelatin or lecithin during the nano-level reduction process. The encapsulating allows the particles to stay intact or resist break down by stomach/gastric acid. This allows the silver nano particles to reach the intestines where bacteria eats the coating off the particles & only then can the silver be fully absorbed into the blood stream resulting in whole body healing.


What is unstable & what does that mean?


Stable refers to the silver particles ability to maintain its concentration (ppm) when making contact with stomach acids. Basically ionic silver does not stay ionic. The stomach acids convert ionic silver to silver chloride instantly, which decreases concentration & bioavailability.

Whereas nano silver is stable, so it will not loose concentration; but it will also have decreased bioavailability, since uncapped it's unable to pass through the stomach & into the intestines.




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