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Freeze Dried Egg Shell Powder

Freeze Dried Egg Shell Powder


Each pack contains 6oz freeze dried eggs shells. We offer mixes of different species or singles, membrane included & crushed into powder. Our egg shells come from our personal pasture-raised fowl. Their diet consists of whatever they forage from our 12 acres, fruits, supplemental organic & soy free feed (18-24% protein), plus spent cannabidiol plants. You won’t find happier birds, laying healthier eggs! We keep our birds hormone, antibiotic & pharma free, and never ‘wash’ their egg shells! (Only brush when necessary to remove dirt.)


Egg shells are 95% calcium carbonate.


Egg shell powder is a low phosphorus bone alternative, for raw fed CKD pets. PMR feeding: mix 1/2 tsp per 16oz meat/organ = 10% bone.


Approx 36 tsp per 6oz pack, or enough egg shell powder to balance 72 lbs of food at 10% bone. Egg shell powder can also be sprinkled at the base of plants like peppers or tomatoes to prevent blossom rot, and bonus: natural pest prevention!


All freeze dried products are processed without chemicals or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry, dark location. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. PET (or plant) FOOD ONLY

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