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Rocky Mountain Oyster Chips

Rocky Mountain Oyster Chips


Each freeze dried bag of Chips weighs 2.5oz (70g) or 4.25oz (120g) before moisture was removed. Our Testicle Chips are available in Beef, Lamb/Goat, Pork, or combo MIXED bags.


Our testicles come from pasture raised, USDA processed, hormone & antibiotic free, grass + non-GMO grain fed, species. We never use never D3/D4 meats or denature.


Testicle Chips make great treats — a real favorite of all the Danube Poodles, or can be used to balanced a raw meal if desired. (100% other secreting organ.)


Freeze Dried Testicles weigh ~60% of their fresh/raw form.


Rehydrate by soaking in warm water, or cool water in refrigerator overnight.


All freeze dried products are processed without chemicals or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry, dark location. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. PET FOOD ONLY.

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